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Only those who are MahaDarbar can truly understand what MahaDarbar is.

MahaDarbar is the council of ascended masters and deities.

Its magnanimity cannot be encompassed in words or realised by the mind.

At the beginning of creation when there was only darkness, a light was lit. This light has regenerated.

So, we can attempt to comprehend this new light, on a human level, it has manifested itself as MahaDarbar.

MahaDarbar is ordained to go to the core root of your problems, whenever and however it may have started. This could date back many generations. Once resolved, the positive effect gained will be for this lifetime and generations to come.

A small number of us, for the past 20 years, have been rejuvenated in its luminance. It has not only given us outward radiance, but more importantly, has ignited a powerful yet subtle effect within.

MahaDarbar have now decided to spread this light globally.


MahaDarbar is a council of ascended masters, deities and saints from across all religions and faiths.

  • General cleansing of energies and bringing positive forces into your life.
  • Friends/family of any age feeling vulnerable, and in need of positive influences and direction.
  • Personal relationships not working for you, feeling trapped, mental/physical abuse.
  • Lack of self-confidence, diminished self-worth, loneliness, depression.
  • Education/work; looking for a career change, need help to discover the way forward.
  • Remove black magic; curses and jinns.


The darkness and noise in the mind is dispelled.


Inner strength is revealed to assist you.


Clarity & Strength will bring the change organically.



Having undergone MahaHealing, we are able to offer MahaRevived.

To build on what MahaHealing has done for you – to lock you in – to achieve your best potential – MahaDarbar have put into place MahaRevived.

MahaRevived will guide you to choose differently. The gentle force of MahaRevived will bring your true-self forward – to be uplifted and confident bringing in new opportunities that may not have previously been available to you.

We can only open up MahaRevived if you have received MahaHealing.